Meet Injae Choe: Conversations with ORGÁNACHS Farm To Skin’s Siobhan McKinley

Helping my clients enjoy relief from chronic pain and illness through acupressure bodywork is the greatest gift for me as an eastern medicine practitioner. The most positive benefit of SUGI acupressure is allowing people to get back to living their most authentic and active lives. As a wellness entrepreneur, it’s an enormous pleasure to collaborate with like-minded business owners such as Siobhan Mckinley of ORGÁNACHS Farm to Skin. She flawlessly executes her vision in curating the most health-conscious skincare in her Westport shop and online. Here’s a look at our Conversation on her new blog which is a great resource for anyone committed to green beauty. We discuss acupressure, functional medicine, gut health, emotional health and natural beauty….

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Injae Choe