Injae Choe


I caught the ‘healer’ bug the very first time my dad had enough trust to ask the 7-year-old version of me to walk on the backs of his patients, and to manually map out reflexology points on the soles of their feet. The setting was in my dad’s home office in 1970s Hong Kong (I was born in Seoul, Korea but grew up mostly in this Chinese culture, where the “East met West” in a truly groundbreaking way). Over time, my family would move and settle in the Western Hemisphere but we always held onto our cultural roots, especially the way we viewed our diet, health and philosophy on life. 

As I honed my skills as a young scholar, my educational journey provided a balanced, invigorating lifelong-learning approach which I still embody to research the newest breakthroughs in science-backed healing. While discovering my love for the classics and sciences during my prep school days at Eton College in Windsor, England, I had the honor of becoming the first Korean-born student to graduate from that famed institution. Thereafter, my undergraduate studies expanded my mind and world-view at UC Berkeley where I immersed myself in languages, graduating with a double-major in French and Chinese. After later earning an MBA from Columbia Business School, I had an epiphany that took me back to my roots and propelled me forward. The most valuable decision I made was to choose SUGI as a meaningful lifelong occupation. Practicing acupressure using my knowledge in the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine and helping people heal everyday is the most important decision I could make. My curiosity in solidifying the mind/body connection led me to the pioneering field of neuroscience at The New School for Social Research where I led a research lab and earned a PhD in Psychology. 

Over the past fifteen years, I've evolved my own practice to include modern neuroscience, functional medicine, flow consciousness and to harness cosmic chi for the mind and body. My passion is to educate and treat as many people as possible through SUGI for natural pain relief, gut-balanced health, emotional release and total well-being. This way of life helps to make everyone I treat as healthy as possible and the benefits are synergistic, driving me forward to always learn more towards fulfilling my mission. As a husband and father myself now, I relish this exciting time for healing and wellness in our modern culture. 


 Injae Choe PhD LMT

  • Nationally board-certified bodyworker; licensed in NY and CT

  • Doctorate in Psychology with emphasis on neuroscience and emotional processing

  • Expert on root-cause approach to chronic illnesses

  • Pioneer of manual therapy for gut bacteria rebalancing

  • Coach of personalized holistic wellness