The physical benefits can be apparent after each SUGI acupressure treatment session as you further reduce pain, improve mobility, and regain proper structure and function of your anatomy and physiology. What may at first be less obvious is how powerfully SUGI can, as it optimizes your physical health, also nurture your mind and soul.

As you re-establish homeostasis and equilibrium on a physical level, you also become increasingly able to enhance cognitive functioning and connection to your higher self. The tiny pineal gland near the forehead inside the brain has long been identified as the seat of your “third eye.” It is my belief that the therapeutic benefits of SUGI acupressure promote opening up of the third eye (through decalcification of the pineal gland) so that you gain a clearer and clearer direct path to contacting your true spirit.

You can witness this process by monitoring how you feel over the course of receiving SUGI treatments, in terms of increased focus, elevated mood as well as a sharper sense of high purpose, gratitude, resilience and renewed overall centeredness. 

To be a highly evolved human being living a fulfilling life, you must keep nurturing how you see, think and feel. SUGI acupressure can help you cultivate this kind of calm, mindful existence.