“Injae has a one-in-a-million combination of qualifications.  With a doctoral level of scholarly understanding of the mind-body connection, in addition to lifelong training in acupressure and body work, he applies a combination of extremely unique skill sets.  In addition, he is warm, friendly and empathic, immediately putting the client at ease.  The holistic nature of his treatment allows him to treat almost any ailment.”

– Sari K., Clinical Psychologist; NYC

“Injae moved to Westport just in time to help me recover from a serious Lyme’s disease infection. Without his treatments I would not have gotten back on my feet as quickly and able to return to work.”

– Judy J., Real Estate Broker; Westport, CT

“Manual work like this is a prescription for good health and longevity. Injae methodically unblocks blocked energy in a way far better than acupuncture, using Korean ‘SUGI acupressure.’ Given the stresses of modern life, one can tremendously benefit from this energetically-guided manual kneading on a regular basis. Wish every building in NY had an Injae Choe!”

– Camilla R., Environmental Activist; NYC

“Like his father (and teacher), Injae Choe is a skilled, gifted, and very personable practitioner. I always leave our sessions feeling renewed and encourage others to find out for themselves the difference Injae’s care can make, whether they have specific complaints or to maintain well-being.”

– Pamela M., Holistic Health Practitioner; NYC

“SUGI acupressure has served my husband and I well for many years. Whether we come for a specific ailment or for general well being, the treatment opens us and relieves tension, pressure and pain, allowing us to feel lighter and more comfortable throughout our day and week.  We highly recommend!”

– Judy S., Travel Agent; Madison, WI

“Love Injae’s work on my body and the healing it ALWAYS does for me. One of my favorite stories about Injae’s magic: somehow I hurt my ankle and was in pain when I walked. I had Injae work on it and the next AM woke up, totally FINE, pain GONE. That is the magic of Sugi Acupressure.”

– Beth W., Executive Coach; Ridgefield, CT

“We are two generations of SUGI clients. I saw one morning that I had a hernia in my lower abdomen, so I thought: ‘Should I get an operation or try Injae for SUGI?’ I knew a little about his record of successful treatment of others for different conditions so I went to see him. After an examination unique to SUGI he carried out treatment by pushing on a place on my back. He then said I was ok to lift things again. I asked for one more session just to make sure, and I had one more treatment.The following morning I looked at my abdomen and the evidence of hernia was gone. Injae’s treatment had gotten my body to repair itself.”

– Josefin M., Artist; Prince, NY

“I have been seeing Injae for several years now, and his work has healed — and continues to heal — me at a very deep level.  He has completely dissolved neck pain, and even more importantly, helped me with severe clinical depression (I have other doctors for that, but SUGI is an integral part of the treatment). Injae is kind, insightful, and a brilliant diagnostician.  He makes house calls, which I find very convenient.  His treatments are transformative.”

– Lucille R., NY Times Best-Selling Author; NYC

“Injae Choe is a masterful body worker/healer who I recommend strongly and without reservation for any ailment, complaint, or simply to maintain well-being.”

– Sanford R., College Professor; Newark, DE

“Thank you so much for the treatment. I am free of the pain in my neck today for the first time is many months!   As a follow up I would like to add that I have had complete relief from the eye muscle twitching that had been almost continuous.  It was truly a miraculous treatment for me.”

– Donna B., Saratoga Springs, NY