New Ancient Health Model


As we marvel at the incredible advances in modern science, we need to be objective about whether we always benefit on a deep level. Does new technology always serve us well? What might be some of the drawbacks? Do some of the priorities in our lives inadvertently get thrown out of balance?

It is true that hi-tech medicine is able to save many more lives than ever before, whether in the realms of cardiology, cancer treatment or a wide range of infectious diseases. Yet numerous kinds of chronic autoimmune conditions or neurological dysfunctions still defy effective treatment by even the most expensive drugs and leading edge machinery.

Perhaps the biggest shortcoming of the kind of western medicine prevalent in public health around the world today is this: With its allopathic orientation, western medicine places a myopic focus on treating symptoms rather than getting to the root cause of disease. In such a system, physicians are trained to fix discrete body parts one at a time. Patients themselves become accustomed to settling for specialists who often neglect to see the forest through the trees.

Meanwhile, some recent trends do show the public’s rising preference for a medical delivery system that chooses to adopt a more holistic perspective to uncover true origins of illness. For instance, the increasing popularity of functional medicine attests to people opting first to exhaust the use of “food as medicine” before resorting to heavy drugs with their numerous side effects. Some popular diets today such as the various “paleo” styles even try to mimic how our ancient ancestors might have eaten as hunter-gatherers. In each case, frustrated by overly invasive procedures of medications and surgery, people are seeking to tap back into various forms of ancient wisdom that have withstood the test of time and are only now being validated by modern science. 

SUGI acupressure is founded on the same centuries-old system of energy meridians and acupoints as in acupuncture. It leverages the ancient wisdom cultivated by eastern sages of yore and applies it to a contemporary setting. For each of its enduring tenets such as the Yin-Yang rebalancing and the Five Elements cycles, there is a practical application for active members of modern society. SUGI acupressure recognizes how today’s fast-paced life demands readily induce depression and anxiety. It addresses how all kinds of biopsychosocial pressures can be framed in terms of “energy blockage” ailing the patient. Each patient is treated as a unique, whole person actively aiming to reclaim their natural vitality, rather than an inert physical structure in need of replacement parts. And each patient is guided to uncover in their mind and body the true root cause of the blockage to their Chi flow